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In 2017, PHI began identifying the most pressing policy issues facing direct care workers.

Our research, unique industry expertise, and partnerships with state and national leaders aptly

position us to address a worsening concern: direct care workers are walking away from

this sector at a time when we need critical supports to age in our homes and communities.

In turn, families and the agencies that serve them are left with few options.


Recognizing a growing workforce shortage among our nation’s home
care aides, nursing aides, and
personal care aides, as well as the
need to provide quality care to a
rapidly growing population of older

people and people with disabilities,
PHI launched a national campaign:
60 Caregiver Issues.

      Over the course of two years,
PHI will release a new issue every 2-3 weeks, inspiring policy makers and

long-term care leaders to pinpoint
what needs to be done to remedy
this shortage and create a vibrant,
sustainable system of long-term care.

     Our staff experts have the ideas.
What we need is your support.



Facts and Trends

Support Asian and Pacific Islander workers

Racial equity improves direct care.


PHI’s trainers, researchers, and policy experts bring decades
of experience in workforce, aging, and long-term care. To inform the ideas,
PHI will also partner with respected thought leaders nationwide.


PHI works to transform eldercare and disability services. We foster dignity, respect, and independence for all who receive care, and all who provide it. As the nation’s leading authority on the direct care workforce, PHI promotes quality direct care jobs as the foundation for quality care. Drawing on 25 years of experience working side-by-side with direct care workers and their clients in cities, suburbs, and small towns across America, PHI offers all the tools necessary to create quality jobs and provide quality care. PHI’s trainers, researchers, and policy experts work together to:

  Learn what works and what doesn’t
in meeting the needs of direct care workers and their clients, in a variety
of long-term care settings;

  Implement best practices through hands-on coaching, training, and consulting, to help long-term care providers deliver high-quality care;

  Support policymakers and
advocates in crafting evidence-based policies to advance quality care


This campaign is made possible through the generous support of the Woodcock Foundation.