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Stephen Campbell Expertise: Aging and Long-Term Care Policy, Demographics and Projections, Health Coverage, Medicare and Medicaid, Wages and Benefits, Workforce Training

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APRIL 18, 2017


Map the Home Care Workforce in Your State.


BY Stephen Campbell


In Illinois, more than 81,000 home care workers provide support to older people and people with disabilities in home and community-based settings. With a median hourly wage of $10.59 and work that is often part-time or part-year, home care workers in Illinois earn on average $12,600 annually. In turn, one in four Illinois home care workers lives below the federal poverty line and over half rely on some form of public assistance. This research brief looks at the home care workforce in Illinois, including their demographics, economic realities, future demand, and other factors. These state-level research briefs serve as an important first step for state policymakers who are seeking to improve the quality of jobs in their states.



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