December 27, 2017

Launch a public education campaign.

Storytelling inspires solutions.

While policymakers are increasingly aware of the role direct care workers play in supporting families and driving the economy, the policy discourse rarely posits solutions for remedying the growing workforce shortage in this sector. In 2017, PHI launched a high-profile public education campaign to draw attention to these workers, while offering 60 concrete ideas to help solve the workforce shortage. PHI’s #60CaregiverIssues campaign has animated the direct care sector and placed this workforce at the center of conversations on aging and long-term care. As described in this report at the midpoint of the campaign, a public education campaign brings to light important issues and populations, builds political will, and inspires leaders in different sectors to solve seemingly entrenched social problems.


60 Caregiver Issues. One idea at a time.

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Illustration: Mark Conlan

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