traınıng and advanced roles


MAY 30, 2017


Create an advanced role to improve care.

A new model shows national promise.


BY Sara Joffe


With proper training and support, home care workers can take on advanced roles
and additional responsibilities that better support their clients, while improving health outcomes and avoiding high costs. Advanced roles can also improve job satisfaction, increase compensation, and reduce turnover. In 2015, PHI launched a “Care Connections” project that created an advanced role for home health aides in New York City, providing training in communications, chronic disease, reporting client information, and utilizing telehealth devices. Over 18 months, and across 1,400 clients, the intervention successfully sparked initial improvements in preventable hospitalizations, ER visits, medication adherence, and caregiver strain. PHI partnered with WorkingNation to highlight the potential of advanced roles for home care workers in promoting better care.


Sara Joffe Expertise: Advanced Roles, Home and Community-Based Services, Innovations / Technology, Managed Care, Management and Supervision, New York Long-Term Care System, Workforce Training

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